Two small round cups being filled with sake

O Choko

O Choko, the Japanese term for “the Sake cup,” welcomes you daily from 07:00 hrs. until 23:00 hrs., serving teas and brews. Immerse yourself in this remarkable experience that blends into the beachfront beauty. The café offers an enticing culinary journey, featuring delightful afternoon sushi rolls, elegant afternoon tea, and delectably presented pastries.

As the sun sets, delight in the allure of Japanese whisky and sake-based cocktails. Additionally, relish the comfort of a steaming bowl of ramen. An exceptional experience awaits, even in the lobby lounge, where O Choko’s delights continue to enchant.

Lobby Level

Opening Hours
7:00 – 23:00

Please call Hotel at +971 4875 8888 for operating hours.

Hours & Menus

Dining & Bar Offers & Promotions

Stay tuned for forthcoming offers and promotions – Delightfully exciting are always on the horizon.